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When you think of a complete and total workout you might envision some cardio (a run or walk on the treadmill or maybe riding a stationary bike) and some weight-lifting, to give you tone and definition to your body. You may spend an hour and a half trying to accomplish everything. Sometimes you may decide to not do both because you are pressed for time…

WELCOME TO KINESIS!!! At Club Fitness in Las Cruces we offer you the total workout utilizing Kinesis. Kinesis is the most rewarding workout experience of the 21st century! It is an innovative designed exercise wall with infinite movement possibilities. And a full Kinesis class can take as little as half an hour… For a TOTAL BODY WORKOUT!!

What does it do?

Kinesis enables users to move three dimensionally and without restrictions to help users achieve their wellness goals. All movements are fluid and natural allowing for full body involvement with zero impact, we call it “functional training.”

Kinesis is designed to be used by people of any age and it is capable of accommodating all of their wellness goals, such as general conditioning, sports specific training, weight loss and more.

Here are some of the benefits of following a wellness program with Kinesis:

  • Increased Strength

  • Greater flexibility

  • Improved resistance

  • Better coordination

  • Improved posture control

  • Better breathing control

Kinesis takes the boredom out of a workout. It is a refreshing look at how to move your body while opening up your mind and lifting your soul!! Kinesis is just another way that Club Fitness isn't just another gym in Las Cruces. Try Kinesis Class today!!