At Club Fitness we offer the healthiest shakes available in Las Cruces to help you reach your     fitness goals. We have shakes available to help you lose fat, tone, build muscle and much more! Our shakes are designed for...

  •  A healthy snack- You should eat every 3 hours to get your metabolism revving. So stop in and get a shake today!
  • Meal Replacement- Running around at lunch time? Stop in to our Shake Café and get a whole food shake instead of driving through somewhere you shouldn’t!
  • Post Workout- A post workout shake is as important as your workout, you get results from your recovery not from your workout.
  • Fat Loss
  • Muscle Building
  • Revving Your Metabolism

We only use sun ripened crushed fruit with NO ADDED SUGARS, NO PRESERVATIVES, NO ARTIFICIAL FLAVORS. We also have GLUTEN FREE, and LACTOSE FREE options. Club Fitness isn't just another gym in Las Cruces. Our Juice Bar is open to the public so if you are looking for a healthy snack or meal, we encrouage you to stop by Club Fitness today and try one!!