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We provide results - from the deconditioned to the elite athlete. We get better results in less time than any other fitness program.  We have the best training programs in the area and we'll prove it to our members every day. We are continuously striving to better ourselves and truly create an effective fitness training system.  We guarantee our members great workouts and great results.

We work very closely as a team here at Club Fitness, so you'll probably meet and work with each of our team at some point while you're working out. The program you are given to train with remains exactly the same, and will change every 6-8 weeks - regardless of who the personal trainer you are working out with is.

Your schedule is the most important factor to us in determining who we assign to work with you. Check out the team below. Any problems or questions with regard to your training program or schedule; please do not hesitate to contact any member of our team.

Our Personal Trainers are all Certified by American Council on Exercise (ACE), and have other certifications such as CrossFit, Kettle Bell, TRX Suspension Training, and Functional Training.  We believe in keeping our employees up to date with the latest in fitness so that they are better able to help our members. 


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