Success Stories

We want to share a few of our current stories. The results vary from person to person based on how consistent they are following our recommendations. Most clients who follow our recommendations will end up losing fat, weight and gaining muscle.


  • Provide a clean & fun environment.

  • The team trainings are challenging & the staff knows their stuff.

  • I was going another gym before Club Fitness, & now there is no comparison to Club Fitness.





  • Front desk staff is always curtious and helpful.

  • I love not having to wait to use the gym equipment.

  • I love the conveinent location.





  • I love how clean and well maintained the gym and children's club is.

  • I enjoy the close family environment. The trainers and front desk staff are always so helpful & knowledgable.

  • I love all the extra motivating incentives, challenges & team trainings offered.

  • -Love, Adriana Silva




  • The staff at Club Fitness are always friendly. They are very knowledgable, caring & encouraging.

  • The Club is always kept clean & the equipment is extremely clean.

  • In the personal training & team training sessions the trainers challenge me to do my best.






  • I love the happy attitude of the staff at Club Fitness.

  • I really like how clean the health club is.

  • The afterburn and foundation team trainings are great because they change your body.





  • I love the friendly staff, and cleanliness of the facility.

  • The Club has the best trainers, and they motivate me to do my best.

  • I love the Juice bar, they have the best shakes!





Anthony Skufca

In my first 5 weeks at Club Fitness my lab results showed great improvement. All without any medication. The Doctor was very impressed but not as much as I was.

                                   8/26/2014                   10/7/2014
Weight                          198                            190.6
Blood Pressure       136 over 82               125 over 80
Cholesterol                   206                            167
Triglycerides                 501                            203
Hemoglobin Alc            7.4                              6.3


"I lost 8lbs., my blood pressure went from 136 over 82 to 125 over 80, cholesterol from 206 to 167, triglycerides went from 501 to 203, and my hemoglobin ALC went from 7.4 to 6.3. All without any medication! Dr. Crespo was very impressed, but not as much as me!"...T. Skufca

"I was at the lake; when I put my boat in the water I unstrapped it and turned to put the strap away in my truck. My friend called out "Angel your boat is floating away!" I ran through the water, onto the tongue of the trailer and jumped from on top of the wheeel well and just barely landed on the boat. I was able to climb aboard, start the boat and drive it to the dock. Too funny!  Since I have been working out at Club Fitness, my strength and overall fitness has improved!"...Angel S., Attorney