BURN! implements a variety of weight training and cardio which creates a highly intense atmosphere that will be sure to melt away that pesky body fat!

U vs. U


Getting yourself into shape can be an intimidating, yet exciting new experience. U vs. U is designed to set a solid foundation so that you can enter the world of fitness confidently!



F.I.T. is a class tailored to the weight training aspects of fitness. With a focus more on technical lifting and more complex movements, F.I.T. is sure to leave you feeling stronger than ever before!



High intensity interval training has been proven to be one of the most efficient ways to burn fat and maintain lean muscle! HIIT IT uses the HIIT concepts to combine all styles of exercises that make a unique lung-burning workout every time.



“Ronnie’s goal is to ensure that throughout your fitness journey here at Club Fitness, you feel as though you are apart of our family. She hopes that you are meeting your fitness goals in a positive environment where you are receiving the best and upmost care from your Club Fitness staff!”